‘De Bijenbrigade’ – IJsselstein

Unfortunately there has been seen a trend in nature where there are fewer bees. That’s bad news because bees cause pollination of flowers, plants and fruit. Therefore ‘de Bijenbrigade’ (the bee brigade) of OERRR comes into action and races throughout the country to support kids to help the bees.

Lotte from IJsselstein also called in the professional help of the De Bijenbrigade. Together with her classmates Lotte wanted to plant flowers to create more natural food for the bees. Chiefs of Content was happy to develop, direct and create a video of this “bee-autiful” initiative.

The creation of a series of videos about De Bijenbrigade was commissioned by OERRR. OERRR is the division of Natuurmonumenten that is connecting with youth. Natuurmonumenten focusses on preservation of nature in the Netherlands.