Dura Vermeer – BIM

Dura Vermeer is leading in the construction industry when it comes to the use of BIM: Building Information Modeling. BIM is already used extensively for building new constructions. Dura Vermeer’s objective is to extend this to the Maintenance and Renovation branche and therefore they would like to enthuse their employees to start working more with BIM.

To achieve this, Dura Vermeer has organized the BIM Experience: an inspirational day for employees. Dura Vermeer asked for our help to kick of the day with a custom made movie. The challenge was to give an introduction to the use of BIM in the Maintenance and Renovation branche, highlight various possibilities and aspects of the tool and try to make a start in enthusing the employees.

In consultation with Dura Vermeer we explored the possibilities for this movie and developed the concept. Also we provided the editorial preparations, direction, recordings and editing for this movie.

Photos: Maud Dekkers, Dura Vermeer