Friesland Campina – Recruitment Talks

FrieslandCampina is always looking for the best people for the job. During job interviews the recruiters try to find out whether an applicant is suitable or not, and that’s not always easy for the applicant in question. It was about time to do something back for the applicants, the recruiters thought.

Together with FrieslandCampina we developed this series of ‘Recruitment Talks’, in which recruiters share their knowledge and give tips to potential applicants. In an informal setting the recruiters answer frequently asked questions and exchange their experiences about application procedures with each other and the viewers of the videos. After seeing this triptych of videos, future applicants will know better what information should be on their resume, what they should write in their letter of motivation and what the do’s and dont’s are during a job interview.

In consultation with FrieslandCampina we developed the concept and the content of the videos. Chiefs of Content also provided camerawork and editing, direction and the interview during the recordings was done by FrieslandCampina.