Menzis – Job display

Sometimes Employer Branding is just a matter of direct recruitment. For example, if you have a vacancy that has to be filled in on short terms. In that case it’s important to display your vacancy to the right audience in a quick and easy way.

Of course you also want your video to stand out in the jungle of online content, by taking a slightly different approach. Therefore the Chiefs have developed this ‘Job display’ for Menzis. A motion template in which a video message is placed which can be recorded by Menzis themselves, for a smooth and fast process. Supported by a professional voice over by Menzis’ voice, this user-generated content immediately catches the eye on a crowded timeline.

Adviserend geneeskundige MSZ

Onze collega Wilja Strating heeft jaren gewerkt als traumachirurg en is anderhalf jaar geleden overgestapt naar Menzis. Omdat ze wil zorgen voor de zorg. Heb jij ook deze ambitie en wil je aan de slag als adviserend geneeskundige Medisch Specialistische Zorg? Dat kan!

Geplaatst door Werken bij Menzis op Donderdag 17 oktober 2019