OERRR – Save the wildflowers campaign video

In the spring of 2019 OERRR – Natuurmonumenten has started a campaign in order to plant more wildflowers in The Netherlands. Wildflowers form food for example for insects and bees. Which is important, because they cause pollination of other flowers, plants and fruit.

Chiefs of Content created this campaign video for OERRR, the division of Natuurmonumenten which connects with children. The purpose of the video is to inspire and enthuse children to create their own ‘mini-nature’ using the promotional package of the campaign.

It was challenging to find the right form for the campaign video that connects with the perception of children and also shows what they could do in order to create more wildflowers. In cooperation with OERRR, the Chiefs came up with a Mission Impossible movie style concept for the campaign video. The Chiefs were responsible for the end-to-end production of this video; from concept creation and video production, to post production.