The way we work

The road towards awesome content

Together with our clients we make awesome content. At Chiefs of Content we work with a 5-phase production process, which helps us to ensure that you receive content you are happy with. Please let us introduce the way we work.

Phase 1: Research

To achieve the best result, it’s important to understand what you want to achieve and what your wishes are. What is the story you would like to tell? What is the goal you want to achieve? What is the message that you want to convey? Together with you, we would like to explore these and similar questions to determine the aim of the content, which will lead to the right format and content of the film.

Phase 2: Concept

Once we have determined the purpose of the film, we will look for the right format and content of the film. Which format fits best? Using the conclusions of the research phase, we will work on a concept where we elaborate the storyline and the tone of voice, supplemented with a mood board that visualises the atmosphere of the film.

Phase 3: Production

Every production starts with thorough preparations and ends with the well known phrase: ‘It’s a wrap’. During the production phase we make sure the concept is converted into moving images.

Phase 4: Post production

All images have been captured, let’s start the post production.

The post production exists out of 3 phases:

  • Initial edit
  • Review / feedback rounds
  • Finalisation of the video

During the initial edit phase, the video will be shaped content wise. During this phase the priority goes out to the content of the video. Images and audio sometimes are not yet balanced or flawless in the first draft.

After receiving your feedback on the first draft, we have arrived in the review phase in which we adjust the video according to your feedback, until the storyline and the message are completely right.

When you are completely happy with the content of the video and when all images are placed right, we can start finalising the video. During this phase audio mastering and color correction will be applied. After we are done finalising, you will receive the final video file which is ready for distribution.

Phase 5: Distribution and archiving

The target audience has been an important factor during the whole process, so it’s also important that the final video reaches them. You can reach your target audience by sharing your video on the right platforms and on the right moments. To help you reach your targets, we are happy to provide you with a distribution plan.